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Posted by: Betty Cocard
Mon September 16, 2013
On behalf of all the Cocard family, please accept our deepest sympathy on the passing of your mother. Although our families have lost touch over the years, I know that my late husband, her brother Joseph, would have wanted to express his sorrow at her passing.  As he is unable to do so, I feel I should speak for him.
Joe and Maise (the name by which she was known by her family in Luxembourg) were very much alike in many respects. Both were practical, down-to-earth people, unpretentious by nature, and plain spoken. This latter trait was often misunderstood on first acquaintance, but once you got to know Maise, you could see the loving, caring person that she was, and devoted wife and mother.  
Joe often recounted many childhood memories, and the happy days he spent with his sisters Maise and Cecile when very young. In particular I recall his account of how the three of them would go hurtling down the street on a trentinette (scooter) which had been donated by a kindly uncle. Maise, being the biggest, would be up front, Joe in the rear, and Cecile squeezed between the two of them.  They were always followed by the family dog, whose name I can't recall, and usually ended up in a pile at the bottom of the street.  
Another favorite story was how Joe occasionally got into scrapes with other boys at school, and upon being thoroughly beaten up he would rally himself and tell his attacker, "you wait, I'll get my big sister on you". Sure enough Maise would come to the rescue and tackle the offender, always emerging the victor.  As word got around about Joe's big sister, the other lads thought twice about picking a fight with him.  
Although Joe loved and respected all of his sisters, and never actually put into words, I always felt that Maise was his favorite; a sort of kindred spirit. As you all say goodbye to her, I feel sure that he will be there in spirit, watching over the ceremony, and waiting to be reunited once again.

Posted by: Betty Cocard
Thu September 19, 2013

INDOOR GARDEN BASKET was sent by Betty Cocard.

Our deepest sympathy to all the family, from Betty Cocard, Marianne and Mark, Gregory and Tammie, and Catherine and Rich.